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Stability Ball Buy Online

Elliott TLP, Marshall KS, Lake DA, Wofford NH, Davies GJ. The effect of sitting on stability balls on nonspecific lower back pain, disability, and core endurance: A randomized controlled crossover study. Spine (Phila Pa 1976). 2016;41(18):E1074-E1080. doi:10.1097/BRS.0000000000001576

stability ball buy online

We also read customer reviews of best-selling and top-rated exercise balls, identifying characteristics thought to affect exercise ball performance, and then asking experts to evaluate the importance of each.

An appropriately sized, properly inflated stability ball demands that a person engage a variety of muscle groups just to maintain balance while using it. A stability ball can help you challenge more muscles with a single exercise, or deepen a stretch.

In a small, nonrandomized, controlled study, researchers in Taiwan found that performing exercises with a stability ball helped reduce the lower-back pain that many pregnant people experience during their second and third trimesters.(The instructions that accompany both our pick and our budget option note that the balls are not recommended for use during pregnancy.)

Because an exercise ball is a deceptively simple piece of equipment (it is, after all, an orb you fill with air), picking one is a deceptively simple choice. And compared with other health and fitness equipment, exercise balls are relatively inexpensive: Most fall within the $15 to $50 range, although we found some as inexpensive as $7 and others as pricey as $115.

Some stability balls come with instructional DVDs or additional gear, such as ring stands and resistance bands. Reviewers have reported that included hand- or foot-operated pumps can be cheaply constructed and frustrating to use. For the most part, we overlooked any accessories and focused on the balls themselves. (In selecting a budget option that includes a pump, we tested that tool too, finding it cheaply constructed and frustrating to use.)

So we asked physical therapists and group fitness instructors to name the exercise balls they used with and recommended to their clients, which reinforced the price gap between what most people buy and what the pros choose. We then selected a mix of top-rated best sellers and pro-recommended balls to test:

Before inflating the balls, I weighed each one three times for accuracy and measured its folded wall thickness at three points (near each of the poles and at the midline), then calculated the averages of those values. All of our picks each weigh nearly a full pound more than the two lightest models we tested, and their walls are more than 0.1 millimeter thicker than those of the lightweight balls.

Our pick lacks a pump, like most balls we looked at, but it does come with everything else you need to inflate your ball to the proper size: clear instructions, an inflation adapter, two plugs (a backup would be handy were you to lose the primary stopper), a premarked measuring tape, and a plug remover. Out of the box, the TheraBand Pro Series we tested emitted a moderate odor, which fully dissipated three days after the final inflation.

A 65 cm ball is most commonly used for alternative seating. Tim DePuy, co-founder and CEO of SmarterLife Products, which sells exercise balls, told us he advised his customers to consider under-desk dimensions and floor-mat height when choosing a ball to use at a tabletop.

The SPRI Elite Xercise Ball also does not come with a measuring tape, and while it scored well in our material-thickness and weight testing, we found that the fully inflated ball had more give than other models. This SPRI ball had the most pronounced ribbing of any of the models we tested, but its surface was slightly slick.

In our search for the best exercise balls, we researched over 40 options and purchased 9 of the top-rated and most popular models for our expert-tested comparative review. We inflated every ball to its specified size, then spent days conducting core and flexibility workouts, comparing each ball in the process. We also cycled through each choice as a desk chair while working from home. In the end, we assessed and rated each ball for five different metrics so that we can give you solid advice on which models are the best for working out, using in a home office, or simply providing great value.

The TheraBand Pro Series reigns supreme as the best overall option in our test. If you want a strong, long-lasting, and high-quality ball like what you'd find at your gym or physiotherapist's office, this is the one to purchase. We love its taut, supportive feel, whether using it to stretch, do core workouts, or simply sit at the computer. It also blends the perfect balance of sticky grip with easy sliding slipperiness that simply isn't found on many competitors. Perhaps most of all, we appreciate the thicker walls and superior durability (provided you treat it correctly, of course), something that seems to be lacking these days among many other competitors.

While this was undoubtedly the highest overall quality exercise ball we tested, we have a few gripes. Inflation time takes significantly longer than other balls. According to the instructions, you must lay the ball out for a few hours, then inflate it 50% and leave it for 24 hours, before finally inflating it to its full diameter. Impatient folks need not apply. It also doesn't include its own pump, and the bike pump attachment didn't fit our pump well and kept falling off. Finally, you don't have your choice of colors, as each respective size has a fixed color associated with it. Still, these caveats aside, we think this product offers a great value, and it was our favorite overall model.

Supportive for sitting and checking your posture during long sessions at the computer, the GalSports Anti-Burst Yoga Ball is great for quick stretching and mobility exercises that add more movement to your day. It inflates easily in about ten minutes thanks to the included foot pump, which also can be used for deflation when you need to store the ball. We tested some exercise balls made from thicker material, but we didn't encounter any durability issues with this one. For the price, this is a great deal for someone who wants to add a few wellness-related habits to their routine.

While we appreciate the included pump, we worry that the pump and tubing may be too delicate to withstand many inflations. In addition, this ball's texture feels a bit too slippery for serious, sweaty, high-energy exercise. But for the casual user, the Galsports Anti-Burst Yoga Ball hits the mark.

The BalanceFrom Anti-Burst ball is far more affordable than most comparable products. This is noteworthy because there is little to differentiate the performance between many of the most popular balls, so a lower price point means higher value. We appreciate that the ball is quick and easy to inflate and comes with a size-guide tape measure (although no instructions). Our extensive research revealed a far lower quantity of sudden bursting complaints than many of the competitors, which gives us a bit more faith we won't accidentally get hurt while using it.

However, it's not very supportive and may actually be the most squishy of all the options in our test, making it a poor choice for prolonged sitting. We also noticed that by inflating it to the correct 65cm mark on the included tape, it is noticeably smaller than all other 65cm balls that we tested.

On the downside, if you want this ball for use as a desk chair, especially at the office, you may not be thrilled with the look of the exercise cartoons printed on the sides. You also don't get to choose your color preference, as one specific color is associated with each size. And similar to most of the higher quality choices, proper inflation takes more than one day. GoFit recommends you leave it partially inflated overnight before commencing to full inflation. If working out is your primary intention, the GoFit Pro Grade makes a great choice.

Not everyone will use a ball specifically for working out, and they may be even more popular as an alternative to sitting in a chair for desk work. For sitting, the Vivora Luno is by far our favorite option. It comes with a felt cover (or a more expensive faux leather option) that looks much nicer for professional settings and has a handle sewn on for more convenient portability. A big advantage of the cover is that it provides insulation that comes in handy when sitting stationary for longer periods. As we tested these balls sitting at the computer day after day, we noticed that cold air was easily conducted into our lower bodies to the point where we often felt chilled. We experienced no such problem with the Luna and immediately noticed a big difference when switching between different models.

The seams on the case live on the outside of the ball, which is necessary to protect the integrity and lifespan of the ball inside. If we were working out in shorts, we found these seams to be fairly abrasive, but with pants on, this presented no problem at all. These seams also prohibit our enjoyment while using the ball to work out or stretch, so there is limited cross-over applicability. You can also expect to pay quite a bit more for the added comfort and style, but for regular use as an office chair, especially when looks matter, the Vivora Luna is absolutely the way to go.

In our experience, when it comes to the performance and durability of these balls, there are the Professional Grade options, and then there are the rest. While not made to the same high quality as the higher-grade models, the Wacces Professional is certainly a standout and can save you some money while still offering solid performance. Despite being a bit less expensive, this ball is firm and supportive and has a texture that offers excellent grip without being overly slick. It's relatively quick and easy to inflate and comes in a wide variety of colors to match your personal preference.

While this is a higher-quality product than many other options, the materials aren't as durable as the more expensive Professional Grade options. This ball is made of a similar type of PVC material as other non-pro-grade balls, all of which have durability concerns. This material also doesn't smell very nice straight out of the packaging. 041b061a72


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