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Where To Buy Lift Chairs

At USM, we know that being well informed is the key to making smart purchasing decisions. In fact, we consider informed consumers our best customers and that is why we are happy to provide a series of comprehensive guides to help you choose the right lift chair recliner. With so many different factors to consider, we can help you narrow down your options to the ones that best address your needs.

where to buy lift chairs


A lift chair recliner is a commonly used piece of medical equipment and these are generally regarded as a staple in any professional medical institution such as nursing homes and retirement communities. A lift chair recliner uses a motorized lifting mechanism to control the angle at which the chair is positioned. When elevated, these chairs make sitting or standing much easier.

A lift chair recliner can come in a variety of different sizes to suit the individual or patient in question. Typically, a lift chair recliner can effectively lift a maximum of 350 lbs to 700 lbs, depending on weight limits of the chair. Lift chair recliners can be purchased in a variety of fabrics and colors to suit any taste and design.

Kansas City Home Medical Supply stocks a wide variety of lift chair recliner products manufactured by leading providers including Golden Technology. With many options available to choose from, you can easily find the chair to suit your needs.

Yes, this is normal, especially for lift chairs that have been frequently used for some time. Some people find success in alleviating the creaking sound when using the chair by using a thin oil to lubricate the pivot points on the back or underneath the chair.

While every lift chair is different, you should expect them to be heavier than most normal chairs, due to the mechanisms within the chair. On average we see lift chairs weighing between 100-200lbs. We definitely recommend lifting and moving lift chairs with 2 or more people.

According to Rhoades, lift chairs can range in price from as little as $600 to more than $1,000, depending on the type and extra features you want. For example, a two-position lift chair may be less expensive than an infinite position lift chair.

A lift chair may be covered by your insurance once your physician formally notes its medical necessity and files that information with your insurance company. According to Rhoades, the following requirements must be met for a lift chair to be covered by insurance:

Lift chairs offer an ideal solution for loved ones that have a difficult time getting up from a chair, or who can't stand without assistance. These chairs are perfect for people with arthritis, back pain or other issues that limit mobility.

Gallery Furniture is proud to offer the largest selection of in stock lift chairs anywhere! In addition, your new life-changing lift chair can be delivered to your Houston area home TODAY! Scroll down to learn more about the benefits of owning a quality lift chair, and how a Gallery Furniture expert can help you transform your life!

Your Lift Chair purchase at Gallery Furniture comes with the reassurance of superior support. From 7am to 10pm CST 7 days a week, call Gallery Furniture for help operating your lift chair and you will be assisted right away!

A lift chair is a specially designed piece of furniture, meant to provide easy transitions from a sitting or standing position for anyone who uses them. With the touch of a button on the easy to use remote control, a lift chair can rise to meet a loved one who struggles to sit down, or gently lift them out of a seated position to ease pressure on their joints. These chairs are an excellent solution for many different kinds of people, and come in an assortment of styles to suit your current decor.

In the stationary, seated position, a lift chair will provide anyone who uses it with a supportive, comfortable and restful experience. You may choose from an assortment of upholstery or leather styles, giving you the chance to further personalize your lift chair experience and increase your level of comfort.

Ease the pressure on your joints by raising your lift chair when you are ready to sit down. This carefully designed mechanism will lower you to the luxurious seated position with the touch of a button, and help you to enjoy your down time from start to finish. Moving from a seated position to standing, especially when recovering from surgery or living with conditions such as insomnia or restless leg syndrome, will be effortless and completely worry-free.

Positioned at the right angles for your body, reclining in your lift chair will help to relieve the compressive load on your spine, expand your lungs for easier breathing, relieve stress and more. With powerful frames and dense cushioning, your in-home relaxing experience of watching TV, playing video games, or just curling up for an afternoon nap will be more rejuvenating than ever before. A large number of lift chairs recline to a completely flat position, providing you with a comfortable place to sleep all night long, and offer easy transitions during the night to adjust comfort.

Various lift chair sizes and shapes can be found according to your body type, height, and weight. Read about the cushion width, the maximum weight, the seat depth, and every other measurement found for the chair you are interested in to ensure that it suits your comfort.

Medicare coverage: You must have Medicare Part B (Medical Insurance) or a Medicare Advantage Plan (Part C). If you get your Medicare benefits through a Medicare Advantage Plan, talk to your private insurance provider about coverage rules, costs, and suppliers to use when getting a lift chair.

Like all Part B items covered by Medicare, after paying the annual deductible, you will pay 20 percent of the Medicare-approved amounts for the lift chair if you buy from a supplier that accepts assignment.

At AmeriGlide, our highest priority is offering our products to you at the lowest advertised price. We're so sure you won't find a better deal on mobility aids anywhere else that we offer this very simple, straightforward guarantee to all our customers:

I just ordered our second chair because my husband wants his chair back! For two months, I have used his chair after having a second spinal lumbar fusion. I have had a great recovery with PT and his chair, with the lift and the massage and the comfort to secure the bone growth. I am indeed thankful for this product!!!

I had a lift chair, which was so uncomfortable that I was miserable every time I used it. I saw an ad in my AARP magazine and decided to call about it for more information. It was a lot of money but for the quality and comfort, it is well worth the money. It's top quality. I'm so glad I bought it. I would recommend it to everybody. I bought the tan leather. It is also easy to keep clean. Thanks for such a great chair.

Lift chairs look like normal chairs but have a motorized part that lifts and tilts the chair forward to help you stand up. Lift chairs help older people with poor mobility to safely rise to a standing position. These chairs are also useful for people with severe hip or knee arthritis.

Lift chairs can also improve posture. Some chairs offer lots of settings so you can choose a position that works best for you. If the chair has an elevated footrest, you can use this to reduce leg swelling and pain. You won't use as much energy getting up from a lift chair, so you may benefit from reduced fatigue, especially in the shoulders.

If you're on Medicare Part B, your insurance may cover most of the cost of a lift chair once you pay the deductible. You'll owe around 20%, and Medicare will pay the rest. But the specific amount you'll owe depends on what other insurance you have and who your supplier is.

Before Medicare can cover the cost of your lift chair, your doctor will judge whether the chair is a medical necessity for you. So, your doctor will fill out the medical necessity form, which asks them to confirm the following:

Under Medicare, you might be asked to rent a lift chair instead of buying it or you may be given a choice of either buying or renting it. Your doctor and supplier must both be enrolled in Medicare. Ask your doctor for a list of approved lift chair suppliers near you.

If you've bought a lift chair from an approved supplier and you're on Medicare Part B, then you can ask your supplier to file a claim for you. The claim must be filed within 12 months of you buying the chair because claims filed after this date won't be paid.

With all of the benefits of preventing the risks of transferring from sitting to standing comes some disadvantages as well. Though using a lift chair prevents pain and the risk of injury, it also cuts out all of the motion and exercise as well. When the decision to do this is made rashly, this can potentially result in a negative impact on your health.

In this case, a lift chair can reduce not only the risk of injuries but also the fear that is holding you back from leading a more fulfilling life. So, if safety is a strong source ofstress, then a lift chair may be just the way to alleviate that concern and improve yourquality of life.

It is important to continue using your body's own ability to sit and stand as long as youare capable of it in order to prevent a loss of function. However, when situations likethose we presented above outweigh potentially accelerating a loss of physical function,a lift chair is the right choice.

Making sure the lift chair fits the person meant to use it is extremely important. If your feet do not meet the floor when sitting in the chair, you will not be able to use the lift function safely.

Make sure that your feet meet the floor, the seat is wide enough to support you comfortably, and the top of the headrest is a couple inches above where your head meets the cushion (for proper head support). Weight capacity is also an important factor, as chairs for heavier occupants need extra reinforcement to guarantee the occupant and the chair are safe from harm. 041b061a72


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