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Drivers X-Rite DTP94 For Windows 10 64-bit

The chances of having the same problem in Windows 10, and how one can make a proper installation and profile setting for the different Windows X-Rite devices (Pulse Color Elite System, X-Rite i1, i1Pro2, Datacolor Spyder3, Spyder4, Spyder5, and SpyderX, BasICColor Discus, and NEC SpectraColor and MDSVSensors) is still unknown in my first impression. You can make sure if you would give a try also to Windows 10 and report the result of your installation experience later.

Drivers X-Rite DTP94 for Windows 10 64-bit

After copying and renaming the X-Rite i1 Pro, and i1Pro2 drivers to the SpectraView application folder under the installation folder path, the software will add a "Color Profiler" subfolder as well, and the X-Rite DTP94 driver files (XRProf_DTP94_Web.exe and XRProf_DTP94_Windows.exe) are installed there.

Inspecting the files, I didn't find any color profile setting, and the drivers are not started during the installation process. The driver is working perfectly fine - as is also the X-Rite i1 drivers installed earlier for Windows 8.But the X-Rite i1 drivers are started if the application is run as a starting program, and the same applies to the i1Pro2 drivers (for Windows 10).But I couldn't find any color profiles settings in the application.

I bought the DTP80 colour profiler in July 2012, but i have troubles with the identification. The scan is correct, the printer recognizes it (i can send the colors of the DTP80), but the drivers does not support my printer (it's HP 9000) and i cannot install them.I followed all instructions and don't understand where is my problem. I'm now downloading the... Maybe i'm wrong in my assumptions, and the errors appear due to using the wrong profile (one of the 3 X-Rite obtained through my printer). If so, do you have any other profile than the DTP80?


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