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Gorillaz, Feel Good Inc. Full Album Zip Full [REPACK]

The year was 2005. The video for a song called, "Feel Good Inc" was all over VH1 and MTV. I was a lad of 15, and I was unable to discern what I was seeing. Was it a band? Was it a rap group? Was it both? Why was the song being sung by a cartoon? I then went on to discover the genius of Damon Albarn and Jamie Hewlett, creating the world's first digital band, with music that ventures into every genre possible with big name features, and animated accompanying films that follow our heroes through grand dystopian adventures. It wasn't until the release of Plastic Beach in 2010 that I made sure to watch every video and experience the saga of 2D, Murdoch, Noodle, and Russell. Now on the precipice of their highly anticipated album Humanz let's revisit the songs that earned them the title of GOAT and made us love a fictional band more than we ever thought possible. Here are 25 of my favorite Gorillaz songs. Let's be real, it's dominated by Demon Days and Plastic Beach, but there's tracks from their self-titled debut a few Humanz tracks and even a track from D-Sides. There has never been a band like Gorillaz and there never will be again. Check out some of my favorite Gorillaz videos below as well as the two new ones for Saturnz Barz and Hallelujah Money and check out the full playlist here.

Gorillaz, Feel Good Inc. Full Album Zip Full

All editions of the Gorillaz album feature an enhanced section that included screen savers, wallpaper and an autoplay, featuring a short movie which opens the user's Internet browser to a special section of the Gorillaz website, which gives the user full access to Murdoc's Winnebago.[25]


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