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The Definative Sissy Feminization Hypno Collection Part 5

I must thank the blog (and the Mistress behind it all) that I featured as the cover image for this torrent - AnnaMalice. I've be following her blog for nearly as long as it's been around (wuz lucky and stumbled into it, by accident really - the main reason i even found it cause it was a blog!). So it was from her blog that I discovered hypno's - and quickly becamed enamored with them and have been in persuit of them ever since. To help facilitate easy downloading, I've broken my massive 72 gig collection into 12 part's. This is PART 3 - FEMINIZATION. It consists of 178 hypno's for a total size of 10gig.There part's are as follow's -Part 1 - FaggotryPart 2 - BBCPart 3 - Feminization (current selection)Part 4 - Popper (next to come!)Part 5 - FemdomPart 6 - StoryPart 7a - GeneralPart 7b - Hypno's gif's & swf'sPart 8a - CocksuckerPart 8b - CockPart 9 - MusicPart 10 - AudioPart 11a - Centurion'sPart 11b - Lustomatic ComicsPart 11c - Femdom LiteraturePart 11d - CaptionsPart 11e - Retro Shemale Magazines...and yes - there's (theoretically!) over a 1000 individual and unique hypno's in the total collection)!!!So I've maintained AnnaMalice's file and numbering system where possible - otherwise it's named whatever by whatever . Tho EVERYTHING has a name (no 480-dfgvol-hygfrt-hgfr.avi or xvideos.com_fa61d00fe7360354a220.mp4 files! Found one, let me know!). Also, even tho the file name may indicate its a vid from AnnaMalice I may have upgraded the vid with a better copy obtained elsewhere.This collection is current as of 4/2/2015. When I release updates it will hold to the directory structure I have outlined.ENJOY!!!!!!I finish with a selection of screenies

the definative sissy feminization hypno collection part 5

Sissy is, approximately, the male converse of tomboy (a girl with masculine traits or interests), but carries more strongly negative connotations. Research published in 2015 suggests that the terms are asymmetrical in their power to stigmatize: sissy is almost always pejorative and conveys greater severity, while tomboy rarely causes as much concern but also elicits pressure to conform to social expectations.[2] In some communities, especially ones whose members are prominently part of Generation Z, highly effeminate males are referred to as "femboys" (feminine boy), a term which aims to provide a way to refer to effeminate males without negative connotations.

Sissies are sometimes perceived as threats to masculine power. For example, in 2018, official Chinese state media derided "sissy pants" young men (who use makeup, are slender, and wear androgynous clothing) as part of a "sickly" culture that threatened the future of the nation by undermining its militaristic image.[17][18] In 2021, China's Ministry of Education issued guidelines for the "cultivation of students' masculinity" to "prevent the feminization of male adolescents" through sports, physical education, and "health education" in schools.[19][20]


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