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Sarah Love
Sarah Love

A Muse (2012): The Film that Made Kim Go-eun a Star

some of the most widely circulated publications on korean history have been compiled in the korean studies library. the library was first established at the university of california at berkeley and subsequently moved to the george washington university in 2007. korean literature has become the preeminent journal of korean literature; it has been published continuously since 1969. korean studies in culture offers articles on cultural issues of significance to korean studies.

Korean Movie A Muse 2012 40

this article compares the trends in the art world over the past decades between the united states and china. i discuss the two countries' different trajectories in the development of the arts, focusing on the comparative performances of their academic institutions, art collectors and the art market, and the role of museums. i find that while there are clear similarities between the two countries in some areas, there are also important differences. the number of new collectors in china increased dramatically, while the number of collectors in the united states is still growing. china's art market has recently expanded, while the market in the united states is still in flux. the quality of chinese institutions has improved, but is still way behind the united states. in the future, china will face even more challenges than the united states in the development of an art market.

this article examines the effect of the increase in cultural tourism on the arts market in south korea. i show that the number of korean tourists visiting foreign art museums has grown steadily over the years. i find that the growth of cultural tourism has had a positive effect on the arts market. the increase in korean tourism to museums has been driven by an increase in the number of foreign tourists to south korea. cultural tourism has thus become a vital source of revenue for south korean museums. a link between museum attendance and the arts market is further demonstrated by the fact that the number of foreign tourists to south korea has declined in recent years, which is likely to have an impact on the arts market. the article concludes by suggesting that cultural tourism, rather than leading to a decline in arts attendance, might lead to a new model of cultural policy in which the arts benefit from the tourism industry. the tourism industry might thus become a way for the government to invest in the arts.


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