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Megaton-kyuu Musashi 2nd Season Episode 10

Due to the passing of a key staff member on the production team, Golden Kamuy season 4 has been indefinitely delayed. The current cour is slated to run for 12 episodes, with half of those already airing; however, Brain's Base has opted to put episodes 7-12 on pause for the time being. As the studio has not canceled the series, Golden Kamuy is likely to return in the future, although everyone involved should take as much time as they feel is necessary.

Megaton-kyuu Musashi 2nd Season Episode 10

Prelude to Dawn's last two episodes were a step in the right direction following a string of mediocre entries, even if the finale lacked much in the way of tension. Ultimately, season 1 is a glorified prologue that exists to establish this universe and the story's main characters. In that sense, the show did its job, and, hopefully, will lead to a superior sequel.

By definition, slice of life is understated. These shows are designed to teleport viewers to a relaxing and conflict-free world, and when executed well, slice of life anime can be something special. Along with a lack of options, Fall 2022 did not produce a standout entry in the genre, and most series seem destined to be forgotten once the season concludes. Encourage of Climb: Next Summit undermined it by launching with a 4-episode recap, while Management of a Novice Alchemist struggles to stick out from the myriad of fantasy anime that have debuted in recent years.

Although still popular, My Hero Academia has been in a downturn for a while, with seasons 4 and 5 struggling to recapture the magic of their predecessors. This placed extra pressure on the Fall 2022 entry since it not only needed to show that the anime could still deliver the goods but also do it in a season stacked to the brim with battle shonen goodness. Impressively, season 6 managed to turn the tide, producing My Hero Academia's greatest batch of episodes in years.

Mob Psycho 100 has been dependably excellent since its opening scene, and season 3 is the anime's strongest cour. The Fall 2022 episodes cover the manga's last few chapters, starting with the Divine Tree arc and concluding with the Epilogue. Consequently, Mob has spent most of the season looking toward the future as he tries to define who he wishes to become. Despite respecting Arataka Reigen and enjoying his time with Spirits and Such Consultation Office, Mob's destiny lies elsewhere and he will eventually move on.

While entertaining from the get-go, Chainsaw Man initially threatened to fall into a monster-of-the-week rhythm. That said, the anime eventually moved away from this structure, a shift accomplished through two of the best episodes of the Fall 2022 season. Gory, uncomfortable, irreverent, and darkly funny, Chainsaw Man feels fresh in a genre/demographic that has been overexposed over the last three decades. More importantly, season 1 merely contains the opening steps of Denji's journey, and there is, hopefully, a lot more to come. 041b061a72


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