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Is Ticketmaster Safe To Buy Tickets From

The IRS and some U.S. state tax authorities may require Ticketmaster to report the amounts your fans earn from selling or reselling tickets on any of our U.S. marketplaces. Ticketmaster is required to file a Form 1099-K report with the IRS when the gross revenue received from transactions on our U.S. marketplaces meets or exceeds $600 in a calendar year per seller.

is ticketmaster safe to buy tickets from

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For fans who meet or exceed this $600 threshold, Ticketmaster will provide a copy of the Form 1099-K. Generally, fans should expect to receive this form by January 31 of the following calendar year. On this form, Ticketmaster is required to include the gross amount of all reportable transactions the fan made during the calendar year. The gross amount may include the price of the tickets resold, as well as fees and other amounts related to ticket sales, without adjustments for credits, discounts or refunds. Fans who do not reach the threshold of $600 in any calendar year will not receive a Form 1099-K from Ticketmaster.

Ticketmaster is near the top of my list for ticket sites I use to buy resale tickets because it does sell so many source tickets. Though it may seem a bit weird to have people buy tickets, then turn around and sell them again on the same website, Ticketmaster makes sure that people aren't abusing this. Tickets on Ticketmaster are always priced reasonably, whether they're resale tickets or not. Earlier in the week when I was checking out another ticket resale website, I was guilty of using Ticketmaster for a price comparison because I know they're going to have fair prices. Whether they're the cheapest or not is another story, but I know they will always be priced reasonably. I trust Ticketmaster to keep people from ripping me off.

I know a lot of Ticketmaster's credibility comes from its popularity. Ticketmaster can afford to pick and choose who they want to resell tickets on their websites where other ticket resale sites may not have that luxury. Though that can be bad for some sellers trying to sell on the Ticketmaster platform, it does ultimately keep the ticket buyer safe which is the most important thing, in my opinion. A good seller knows that.

Ticketmaster is the primary box office and ticket sales platform for most venues in the United States and oftentimes internationally. Users visit where they can search, discover and purchase tickets to sporting events, concerts and much more. One challenge is that tickets will frequently sell out at popular events and then customers must find tickets to buy on second-hand ticket marketplaces.

If you are purchasing tickets from Craigslist or a street corner, there is no guarantee of a refund if those tickets turn out to be bad. Many people lose hundreds of dollars buying fraudulent or duplicate tickets (where someone else has the original).

Buying as early as possible means you have a lower chance of purchasing tickets that are fake or have an inflated price. Purchasing directly from the venue or on a verified site such as Ticketmaster is your best bet, said Hutt.

If you're able to have tickets digitally transferred to you through a platform like Ticketmaster's fan to fan exchange, you will know that they've been reverified, said Burleigh from Ticketmaster. That's better than buying a paper ticket on a street corner, said Burleigh.

The only authorized ticket sales agents for Xcel Energy Center events are the Xcel Energy Center Box Office, Xcel Energy Center Sales Department and Ticketmaster. Tickets purchased from any other source may not be valid. Xcel Energy Center is not able to honor, replace or refund invalid tickets. If you purchase tickets from an unauthorized agent in the secondary market (scalper, ticket broker, eBay, Craigslist, StubHub, etc.), you risk purchasing counterfeit or invalid tickets.

To access your mobile tickets, download the latest version of the Cleveland Browns app. Open the app and select "Tickets" from the navigation menu. Then select "Access Your Mobile Tickets".

Mobile tickets are required at all Cleveland Browns games and there are important log-in changes for 2021 to keep your account safer than ever. The first time you sign in you will be asked to reset your password and verify your phone and email address. This can be done in the app or on the Browns Account Manager website.

How can I change my account information? Account information including your name, email address, phone number and password can be updated in the My Profile section of your Ticketmaster account. You can access My Profile from the profile section of Account Manager or by signing into

Fans who have purchased Fan Club or VIP tickets may get information from the show regarding different entry procedures. Fans should receive an email from the VIP provider a few days before the event with information about entry procedures and the distribution of merchandise. Please refer to your point of purchase for additional information or customer support contact information for the VIP provider.

Download the Detroit Lions Official App from iTunes or App Store or the Google Play Store. Click on the "Account" tab in the bottom navigation. Login with your "Ticketmaster or My Lions Account" to view your digital tickets. When you get to the game, present your smartphone to the guest services representative to have your ticket scanned.

Yes, you can reclaim tickets as long as they haven't already been accepted by the recipient. Please be careful to enter your contacts email address or mobile phone number accurately when transferring tickets. Once a ticket has been claimed by the recipient, the tickets cannot be returned or recalled from the new ticket recipient.

We only holds details of customers who have purchased with us (via the Ticketmaster online booking system, the SEC and/or Ticketmaster contact centre or the SEC Centre Box Office) and consequently we can only discuss bookings with the purchaser. Unfortunately Ticketmaster and/or the SEC cannot help with any issues related to tickets purchased from elsewhere, but recommend customers contact their point of purchase.

Per the American Rescue Plan Act of 2021, the Internal Revenue Service changed the reporting thresholds for e-commerce sales such that Ticketmaster is required to issue 1099 forms to sellers who earn more than $600.00 annually from sales on a Ticketmaster U.S. marketplace (including Account Manager). All fans and patrons who listed tickets for sale on a Ticketmaster U.S. marketplace were notified of this requirement.

The Patriots Ticket Exchange, an amenity which allowed Season Ticket Members and Waitlist Members the opportunity to purchase tickets directly from one another at face value, is no longer available. Now, everyone will use the NFL Ticketing Network.

You can manage your tickets from your computer by accessing your Patriots Account Manager. Note that tickets cannot be printed and that all tickets will need to be scanned on your mobile device. When accessing your Patriots Account Manager, you will have the ability to transfer tickets to friends, family, or clients and post tickets for resale which you can also do from the Gillette Stadium App.

The resale or attempted resale of tickets on Superdome/Smoothie King Center/Champions Square property is prohibited by law. Violators will be removed from the premises and subject to arrest and prosecution as appropriate.

The Bryce Jordan Center now supports mobile ticket entry to provide a more convenient and safe ticketing experience for our fans. With mobile ticket entry, your mobile phone is your ticket. In addition to being a convenient way to manage tickets and entry to the arena, mobile ticketing helps guard against ticket fraud and reduces contact points for a quicker, safer entry process for both fans and staff.

Your transferred tickets will show as sent. When your recipient has accepted them, the ticket will show as claimed. You will receive an email confirming the ticket has been accepted by your recipient. After a successful transfer, the ticket is no longer valid for entry from your account.

City, state, and local taxes (provincial and Federal Goods and Services taxes in Canada) are typically included in the face value of a sale, but Broadway show tickets are exempt from all taxes and the tax charge will be zero.

Do NOT purchase tickets from other third party sites or people. They are not authorized sellers and we can not guarantee the legitimacy of tickets. To be safe, you should only purchase below or on the Ticketmaster Verified Ticket Exchange.

Ticketmaster is the ONLY authorized ticketing agent outside of the Prisma Health Box Office inside Colonial Life Arena. If you purchase tickets from an unauthorized agent in the secondary market (scalper, ticket broker, eBay, Craigslist, etc.), you risk purchasing counterfeit or invalid tickets.

Platinum Seats are premium tickets to concerts and other events made available by artists and event providers through They give fans fair and safe access to some of the best seats in the house.

No. Platinum Seats were not purchased initially and then posted for resale; they are being sold for the first time through Platinum Seats enables market-based pricing (adjusting prices according to supply and demand) for live event tickets, similar to how airline tickets and hotel rooms are sold. The goal is to give the most passionate fans fair and safe access to the best tickets while enabling artists and other people involved in staging live events to price tickets closer to their true value. 041b061a72


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